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Crimea Winter Tour

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Crimea Winter Tour

The Crimea in winter – it’s chilly sunsets and late dawns, melting ice and snow, strange hanging waterfalls and ice-covered palm trees and cacti. If you are lucky enough to see the earliest blooming snowdrops, they usually bloom in late winter and early spring. This article will introduce you to the winter tourism program in Crimea.

The Crimea in winter – it’s the chilly sunsets and late dawns, the melting ice and snow, the strange hanging waterfalls and the ice-covered palm trees and cacti. If you are lucky enough to see the earliest blooming snowdrops, they usually bloom in late winter and early spring. This article will introduce you to winter tourism in Crimea.


Alpine skiing is also possible in Crimea. The only alpine ski resort on the peninsula is located on Mount Epetri. The northern slopes of the mountain are suitable for beginners in snowboarding and alpine skiing, while skilled competitors can go elsewhere. Trails are open only in winter and snow is not often available in winter.

There are 6 trails with different levels of drop from 20 to 170 meters. The “Frog” track is 120 meters long and is ideal for sledding. The “Kichkine” track is 320 meters long and is suitable for高山滑雪训练。“26公里”的轨道长度为600米,“27公里”轨道长度为1,030米,适合团体家庭娱乐,儿童雪橇和成人自由滑雪。340米长的“实验室”Piste和450米长的“滑雪公园”Piste更适合一小组专业人士。

Even if you don’t ski, it’s well worth the trip up Mount Epetri. The viewpoint at the top of the mountain offers a panoramic view of the coastline. The upper lifts are open from 10am to 15pm and the last downhill lift is at 16:00. You can rent skis or snowboards near the weather station. The rental fee is 500 rubles per day and you can use your documents as a deposit.



Crimea Winter Tour Visit the palaces

Vorontsov Palace, Rivaglia Palace, Yusupov Palace, Bakhchisarayhan Palace – in winter you can visit these palaces, which were celebrated in literature. Stained glass, floral decorative motifs, fountains, formal reception halls: the palaces of Crimean rulers are stunning and dazzling. Strolling through the palaces in winter is much warmer than outdoor activities, and the number of visitors is relatively low at this time of year, and the park is particularly beautiful after the snowfall with its cypress trees.


Wine and dine

“新世界”香槟馆提供广泛的旅游选择。即使在周末,你也可以在冬天参观酿酒厂。您可以选择“Royal Tour”程序。这次旅游包括着名的“Paradisio”和“加冕”香槟(基于Duke Lev Golitsyn的原始食谱),访问地下窖,巡视的地窖,看看摇动过程(一个香槟生产最重要的方面)。

If you want to taste the local cuisine, you can go to the New World restaurant “Wine and Fish”, located in the “Vintage” hotel. From the terrace, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Sokol Mountain and New World Bay. The menu is mainly seafood-based, but be sure to try their branded cocktails based on champagne.

所以,你准备好visit Crimea for your next vacation? Since Crimea is not longer part of the Ukraine instated of Russia, you need to obtain a Russian visa in order to travel to Crimea. Visa Express can help you obtain the Russian visa:


Where to Party Outdoor With A View in Washington D.C.

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From iconic monuments to stunning natural scenery, Washington D.C. has some pretty spectacular views. Why not enjoy those views at your next party? Whether you’re planning a sophisticated cocktail party, a big birthday bash, or a casual do, holding it at a great rooftop space will help elevate your event, literally and figuratively. Make your next party one to remember at one of these rooftopparty venues in Washington DC以期。

10 Best Rooftop Party Venues with a view in Washington D.C.

1. Top of the Gate

Located on the 15th floor of the historic Watergate Hotel, Top of the Gate is one of the premier rooftop bars in D.C. and can host private parties for 20 or 300. Enjoy 360-degree views of the Potomac River, Key and Arlington Bridges, the Kennedy Center, and the Washington Monument.

The bar serves handcrafted cocktails paired with delicious small bites. In the winter, there is even an ice skating rink you can party at.

2. Vela Rooftop Terrace at The Line DC

DC Hotel Line DC Hotel酒店位于艺术亚当斯摩根附近的一个110岁的历史悠久的新古典教堂,为大型私人派对提供宽敞的屋顶。

The fully landscaped, 5,590-square-foot space with room for up to 220 guests offers panoramic views and can be customized for your event for the ultimate party experience. The venue provides all drinks and catering, making it easy to plan your party.


For the ultimate pool party for up to 100 guests, hold it at the Penthouse Pool Club. The private members-only club can be rented for private events and offers two convenient locations to choose from, in Dupont Circle and Navy Yard.

The Penthouse Pool Club is perfect for spring and summer parties. Your guests can cool off in the pool or lounge around in the cabanas, day beds, and sunbeds. Food and drinks can be provided.

4.在La Vie露台酒吧

在La Vie的露台酒吧,享受壮观的水景和地中海灵感的酒吧和菜单,为您的下一个派对。宽敞的屋顶位于码头的主要位置,提供近10,000平方英尺的空间。瀑布背景增加了额外的优雅。私人灯塔空间是另一种选择,并配有内置DJ展位和访问屋顶。

Aerial view of Capitol Building and surrounding area at dusk

5. The Capitol View at 400

Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, the Capitol View at 400 offers 300-degree views that pan from Union Station to the Library of Congress and the Capitol Dome. Glass railings offer an unobstructed view.

A retractable awning, plus heating and air conditioning, makes it perfect for parties year-round. There’s space for 470 guests, or 300 when the space is enclosed. Preferred vendors provide catering and drinks.


Located off the National Mall, this refined steakhouse has a large rooftop terrace with fantastic views of the Capitol. This is the place to throw a big bash, as there’s room for up to 500 guests for cocktails (or 250 seated).

屋顶空间还可以搭建的帐篷,和加热or air-conditioned, so you can have your party whenever you want, whatever the weather forecast. Food and drinks are provided in-house.

Two cocktails set on a table

7. Whiskey Charlie

For a sophisticated event with nautical vibes and fantastic waterfront views, plan your next party at Whiskey Charlie, the rooftop cocktail lounge of the Canopy by Hilton Washington DC The Wharf.

Available for complete buyouts only, there’s room for up to 60 guests. Your guests will enjoy signature cocktails of reimagined classics, made from all types of liquors, and a variety of clever finger foods.

8. Top of the Yard

For a baseball-themed party, Top of the Yard Bar & Bites is the obvious choice. Located on top of the Hampton Inn Washington DC Navy Yard, you and your guests will enjoy great views directly into Nationals Park, as well as views of the Capitol Riverfront and Downtown DC.

Comfortable sofas, lounge chairs, and Astroturf make it a great venue for that casual party, with a ballpark-inspired menu to match.

9. Ellipse Rooftop Bar

Located downtown, just a few blocks away from the White House, Ellipse Rooftop Bar is a chic and stylish venue for your party. This classic rooftop lounge features comfy sofas and table seating.
A retractable canopy and fire pits allow you to hold your party without a concern for the weather. Enjoy a wide range of cocktails, beers, wines, and a selection of appetizers and small bites.

10. Top of the Town

Although it’s actually in Arlington, Top of the Town offers some of the best views of Washington D.C., making it a great setting for your rooftop party. The penthouse private events venue offers an outdoor terrace that will wow your guests with panoramic views of the nation’s capital. Choose from an approved list of vendors. You can even bring your own alcohol to be served by an approved caterer.

Planning ahead to book the perfect party venue in Washington D.C.

A little planning goes a long way to ensuring the perfect party. If you plan to hold it somewhere other than your home, make sure youpick your venueand book it as soon as possible, as the best venues book up far in advance.

The list above is a good starting point for rooftop party venues in Washington D.C. that offer a great view. They’re also popular spots, so if you want to hold your party at one of them, start your planning today!

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Top 10 places to visit in Caribbean Islands

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caribbean vacations

Thinking of visiting the Caribbean Islands and wondering where to go? Here is the list of top 10 destinations of Caribbean Islands to choose from

From pristine beaches to fiery cocktails, Caribbean Islands is the epitome of good vibes, that no one can ever deny. There are many islands here in the Caribbean Islands, which will make your jaw drop. The riot of colors will brighten your mood. The beautiful sunset is a sight that you will never forget.

The Caribbean Islands can be very enticing. There are many small and large island that comprises the island country. Seems like it has come straight out of heaven. The sunset or the sunrise will give you the perfect picture of your Instagram feed.

You will not be able to complete all the islands and the best spots of the island country. But it is hard to choose the best one from the so many exquisite islands. But we have done a bit of researched and noted down the top 10 destinations of the Caribbean Islands.继续阅读


Travel Smart – Tips to Enjoy your Travels

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Wasted travel is unforgivable. Far too many people take a trip to somewhere that would easily be in the top ten of many people’s bucket lists, and they return home with almost nothing to say about the place. As someone who loves to travel, I find this to be among the most outstanding failures of grownups everywhere. The conversation typically goes a little something like this:

“Oh, welcome back, nice trip?”
“ – Yes thanks, lovely weather”
“Did you get out into the old town at all? Or see the famous bridge or the…”
“ - 嗯,不是真的,我们并不真正喜欢那种东西”
“So, you didn’t see the Cathedral or…”
“ – Oh, yeah, you mean that church thing? We had an ice cream near there. Looked nice.”

And you feel like screaming “WHY DID YOU BOTHER”, but, sadly, if you did scream at people for doing travelling wrong, you’d be screaming most of the time. Part of the problem is that travel, I suppose, isn’t straightforward. There’s a lot of planning. There can be overseas money transfers to navigate (read up all about wire transfers),你可能觉得无论你对旅行时间做什么,它都可以被别人所花费的更好,所以,为什么恐慌,只是享受你的方式。让我们来看看如何做对。


In the days before the internet (I’m showing my age – but I was very young), people going on vacation had to rely on travel brochures and word of mouth. Information was scarce. And what you got when you arrived was never as advertised. Fast forward to modern day access to all the information in the world at your fingertips, and you really have no excuse not to read up on your travel destination – or else you could miss out on something extraordinary.

例如,每个人都听说巴黎艾菲尔铁塔,对吧?但是你可能没有听说过的是岩浆,地下深处,墙壁由人体骨骼制成。每天都有旅游和一切。与迪士尼乐园主题公园的游客会知道关于乘坐的一切,但可能不知道秘密“Club 33”, where for tens of thousands of dollars, members may walk through the handful of Club 33 doors (visible inside the park but plain and unassuming looking) and experience 5-star luxury dining etc. The more you know, the more you’ll enjoy yourself.

Mix it up

作为一个旅游者是一件事 - 俗话说,在罗马时,就像罗马人一样。所以,是的,我得到它,带着导游的游览,坐在敞篷公共汽车上,在指导中驶向河上,指导各种历史建筑。但是在第二天......这就是你需要探索一点的地方。在人迹罕至的地方找到餐馆等。不要在你访问过的地方没有看到“真正的”人。


The Easiest Ways you can Save Money on Travelling (and still have a great time)

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Everyone should have the opportunity totravel the world. Sadly, for many people, it’s the potential cost of heading across the world that stops them from achieving their travel dreams. Flights, accommodation, food, activities as well as money for emergencies…the costs quickly add up.

However, despite common misconceptions about travel it is entirely possible to travel the world on a limited budget and even save yourself some money in the process. Want to know more? Here we’ve gathered some of the easiest ways you can save money on travelling (and still have a great time)!

First of all…

创造旅行预算是所有旅行者必须做的事情。否则,你就不知道你能在哪里能够去哪里,你需要花多少钱,在你用完钱之前你可以留下多长时间。创建简单的预算将确保您充分利用您的资金,避免超支,并更好地进行旅行选择以使您的资金进一步进一步。尝试a budget calculatorto get you started.

Avoid peak times

Thinking of making travel plans for summer? Or around public holidays? It’ll cost you a fortune and you’ll probably spend most of your budget before you’ve even stepped foot on a plane. Avoiding peak times means that you’ll get to visit your intended destination but without the crowds, tourists and the hefty price tag. Do some research into the quiet months of the year and consider your options.

Be clever with your accommodation location


Eat like the locals

Chain restaurants and tourist hotspots will charge a fortune. Whereas street food and smaller, local cafes and bars provide a much more authentic and budget-friendly option. Trying new cuisine plays a huge part in the travelling experience, but you shouldn’t have to break the bank to do it.Eating like a local meansyou get the best of both worlds. Speak with hostel/hotel staff about food recommendations.

Cook your own food

Choosing to stay somewhere that has kitchen facilities means that you can save money on eating out every single day and enjoy a home-cooked meal. If you shop at local markets – even just a few days a week – then you’ll be able to save money and eat something with some nutritional value!

And finally, consider getting a job

如果您想在海外延长您的住宿,那么为什么不找到一些工作来资助您的住宿?酒吧和餐厅工作是理想的。或者,有水果和花卉采摘,在世界另一边远程工作甚至在世界上远程工作,可能是一个选择。如果你是planning on working overseas, it’s much better to secure a role before you travel.